Abuse of Social Media

I might be a little early on this call but #twitter is #dead, well at least for me (maybe just for a little bit). I guess I have no real right to complain because my experience results from the people I follow but I’m going to anyway. Here is the list of things I am sick of seeing via twitter (even-though I might have done a few myself):

  1. Long-drawn out conversations. @replying to a couple of things doesn’t really bug me but if you thread dates back to a week ago or more than 5 post (which ever comes first) then your conversation does not belong on twitter.
  2. Shameless over promotion. I know that social media is a good venue for promotion, I do it for myself and for other companies/organizations. However when you you feel the need to promote everything you have or are working on at the same time (i.e. involving 4-6 personal links in one day) , your promotion becomes spam and an eyesore.
  3. Chronic RTs. I understand if the RT buttons help us share to our followers what we see from a different person we are following but if more than 65% of your post are RTs you are not doing nothing but reproducing someone else thought or idea for most likely the same audience of people to see over again.
  4. Subliminals about subliminals. Why perform the same act that you are complaining about? Either call everyone out (via @replies) or STFU (PS this isn’t a subliminal I’m calling everyone out including myself)
  5. Twitlonger. I understand that sometimes what you have to say may not be able to into 140 characters but again if 65% of your post are twitterlonger links, IDGAF what you have to say anymore, I just don’t have the patiences.
  6. Updates from Formspring, Tumblr etc. SMH do what you like but if you post on you formspring or tumblr more than 10 times a day there is no need to link the updates to your twitter. ( I suggest unlinking and just posting a link to either once a day but hey, you don’t really need to listen to me lol)
  7. People who #FF themselves. o_O I don’t understand this. You are telling the people who are following you to follow you? Be generous #FF other people and maybe you will get the same love and hopefully new followers.
  8. People who list their myspace page as their website. LOL okay, I’ll leave this alone.

As I said these are the things that kind of got me fed up with twitter. I love social media and online networking maybe I just need a break. You can agree or disagree with my opinions but just  remember they are opinions not rules, not facts, just my thoughts. So thanks for reading and if I happen to unfollow you in the near future via twitter it may or may not have soemthing to do with the 8 things I just listed.

Thanks for reading. I love comments.


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