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Kid Cudi x Bacardi x Like It Live

I’ve been to my share of free concerts throughout the years. And they always seem end up the same way, becoming a failed promo event for whatever brand is sponsoring it and more about the name/performance of the artist.

It was refreshing that I left my first summer 2011 event feeling the impact of the brand that was meant to be conveyed. I know from being a marketing & event planning enthusiast, that I look more into the execution of a promotional event than most attendees would. But I also understand that I’m on the user end of the experience and my opinions can give some insight.

The Bacardi “Like It Live” event started they way I believe most NYC (or any big city) promo events should start, as a “secret”. The idea is not that, it’s not necessarily private, but the exclusiveness of an event eventually provides more buzz than any other marketing technique. Limited tickets/seats usually equals more hype. (P.S. I need tickets to the Big Sean Album Listening Party 6/21 anyone?)

The venue was Terminal 5. Although it was my first time there, I think it was a good location, size-wise. (It’s bigger than it initially looks) During the event Bacardi used it’s interactive theory of “Like It Live” to bring the crowd basically what they “liked” via facebook. For example Bacardi asked it’s fans whether they like dunk tanks or slam dunks. Of course slam dunks won. So, Bacardi brought out NBA Legends Allan Houston and Ron Harper to have a slam dunk contest on the roof of Terminal 5. Pretty much every intermission of the night featured a “Like It Like” contest. I felt it did a great job of incorporating the theme into the entire event.

It goes without saying that Bacardi offered an open bar all night with Bacardi-based drinks. However, this allowed people to try a variety of drink combinations possible with the brand. I gained a new favorite: Cherry Bacardi w/ Coke.

photo from rap-up.com

As far as the artist and performances go, pretty much all the performances, with the exception of The Evolution of Dance, brought different elements to the stage while still being cohesive enough to stay part of the same show. I personally know that, prior to the show, Kid Cudi’s name was the only one I really recognized on the flyer (I’ve heard Aloe Blacc didn’t know his name). However, at the end of the night, I found myself wanting to hear more from Childish Gambino. And Kid Cudi’s set, although really late, reminded me of why I was a fan. He made sure to hit both of his albums during his performance. I also really appreciated that he brought out Chip Tha Ripper and Cage. (Although, I think I was the only one in the crowd hyped about Cage)

At the end of the night, Bacardi revealed the result of the last “Like It Live” contest which was Pizza Truck vs. Taco Truck. Since pizza truck won everyone leaving the event was giving free pizza and water to help sober up on the long ass walk to the train.

Overall I had a great time. The only note I have for Bacardi regarding the event is about The Evolution of Dance guy: Youtube entertainment is very circumstantial and temporary popularity; That guy did not really belong in the show. Promise me, you were asking for people to throw cups at him. Think harder next time.

P.S. Sorry I don’t have any photos but my phone was dying (didn’t pack a camera) plus I’ve been finding out that I have more fun sometimes living the moment rather than capturing it.

It’s Summer, Now What?

I’m done with classes, papers, and finals. I even have all my grades posted (3.45 this semester). And now like a newly freed kidnapped kid——I think I have Stockholm Syndrome (or something like it). I’m not sure if miss being busy or just like have more purpose to my day but I know one thing I don’t miss for sure is my 9am – 11pm schedule on week days. I like the extra sleep but I still need something to do that doesn’t involve me picking up more shifts at my mindless day job. Subsequently, I am developing a summer schedule that consists of 20+ hours of work a week, an online marketing internship, a summer writing class, two major freelance projects, and hopefully becoming a contributing writer for a print or online publication. Don’t worry I also made sure I’ll have time for the important things of summer like: concerts, beaches, parties, trips, and BBQs

Oh yeah and BLOGGING!

Overdue Update

I feel a little failed for neglecting my blog all semester; but my schedule had been so demanding I could never find the time or energy. I’ve turned the little down time I have into: volunteer work, a new portfolio, and a major end of the semester issue for the pace press. Right now I am upon completion of all three!

All of my school work this semester has me thinking a lot about graduation. I still can’t believe that I am about 10 class or less from my degree. This makes me scared and excited. I’ve been ready to take over the world since age eight. But I feel so lost among all the recent grads trying to get into the same industry. We all seem to be faced with the same question “What makes you different?”

On a lighter note: Lately I’ve been looking forward to the summer. Although I know I will be working & interning (hopefully) 85% of the time, I still plan to have fun. I can’t wait for shorts, skirts, and bbqs. Plus a Vegas trip is currently on the horizon!


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